Entry #1


2008-02-03 14:32:18 by Pedropmp

I made the "How to review? tutorial in order to help some people getting started with the comment system and also to help the already existent NG users to improve their reviewing art.
Most people consider my tutorial an insult to their personality or even to their criticizing spirit, well it's not, this tutorial is like a sign in the road instead of saying "Stop" it says "Pause and Read", my intention is to reach those who make useless reviews which don't contribute to the movie improvement neither the contrary.
People should have a base while reviewing so they can know what to say and how to do it, without those people are screwed, they will take double time to think about one and the result will be catastrophic. Think about this tutorial as a bridge ;)


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2008-07-24 11:49:38

your last review was nonsense , maybe you shouldn't be the one making tutorials.

(Updated ) Pedropmp responds:

Your right, I'm just too lazy to even think about following my own rules.
But admit it, it's some chocking tutorial HELL YEAH!

oh btw, I didn't even bother making it in flash, I used SWISH MAX ahah